How to lay down and sit up properly with no effort.

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Acupuncture Demo Allergy Elimination Technique. Natural treatment for Allergy.  Gluten allergy, allergic reaction, allergies, allergy rash, eye allergies, food allergy, seasonal allergy, pollen allergy, cat allergy, natural allergy testing, shellfish allergy, wheat allergy, egg allergy, nut allergy, tree pollen, dust, peanut allergy, throat allergy, soy allergy, grass allergy, how to help, sinus allergy, what helps allergy, dairy allergy, itchy eyes, natural remedy.

MER - Mental Emotional Release.  Release Negative Mental Emotion and Subconscious Sabotage Pattern.

PEMF -Pulse Electro Magnetic Field.  PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level magnatic field to heal damaged tissue and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and even stimulate organs. It creates the same magnetic field that the earth creates (5-30 Hz). PEMF recharges your mitochondria (battery packs of your cell). It helps to improve rate of healing, immune function, sleep, depression, physical energy, bone healing and density, circulation. Treatment time 10-20 minutes.  2000 Medical PEMF studies.

 The 3 Minutes Breakfast.  One serving provides the equivalent of consuming 24 fruits and vegetable. 

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Molly & Leah - Show You How to Make Wonton.

Leah - Show You How toVegetable Egg Roll.